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10 advantages of seabeautyintl hairdressing Ceramic hair bru


Professional hairdressing Ceramic hair brush , hair rolling brush use with blow, 5 size in one lot,Ceramic coated comb


Our advantage:

1,Ceramic Coated Barrel(promote releasing ionic and protect hair health)

2,Maximizes Heat(Top quality boar bristle which handle 220 high temperature)

3,Much Faster and Better Styling

4,Comfort Ergonomic Handle

5,Helps curl and style hair while reducing fly-aways by preventing static electricity(10times stronger than regular brush)

6, Organic compound when exposed and has a self cleaning function.

7, Also it helps It is non toxic, environmentally benign (tender, gentle) that can break down almost any

8,bringing about light catalyzed reaction, such as

chlorophyll in photosynthesis. Like photosynthesis, the reaction continues throughout the day once begun.

9, Ceramic barrel will help

dry hair faster(constant temperature will care more for your hair).

10, Available in five sizes for maximum styling versatility.



5 size: 19mm,25mm,32mm,45mm,53mm

Handle material 

Ceramic coating barrel 

Brush material







package: 5pcs set