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How to take care of hair extension?

1、Use the exclusive steel comb or wide-toothed comb.

2、Brush your hair extension always start from the ends, and move up towards the scalp, which will reduce shedding and tangle.

3、After a period of use, it should be washed periodically with great care. Please do not overexert.

4Carefully blot your hair extensions with a towel to remove excess water, don’t scrub or rub during drying.

5、After wash, use high quality moisturizer or leave-in conditioner to keep the hair extension moisturized , which will make it healthy and prolong it's life.

6、Seabeautyintl hair products can be made textures and re-dyed within the same color tone, and we recommend the interval should be 3 months, the temperature be 110°, and hair need more careful maintenance in the following use.

7、Applying shampoos and conditioners with a pH balance of less than or over 4.5-5.5 may cause damage to the hair. Applying too much heat could potentially cause damage to your hair extensions. Swimming with hair extensions could also cause damage to your hair extensions due to the chemicals such as heavy chlorine found in swimming pools.