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The main difference between remy hair and virgin cuticle ha

1)Hair material
Remy hair: Lower quality hair material with inverted cuticle(some is non remy)
Virgin cuticle hair:8%-10% selected from most healthy and soft virgin braids from young girls.

Remy hair: Acid bath is needed to remove all the cuticle,harsh chemical
Virgin cuticle hair:Acid bath free, gentle and slow treament, green processing,full cuticle intact

3)Dyeing technology
Remy hair: Red, yellow, blue three-primary color technology cant be redyed.
Virgin cuticle hair: More than 10 colors tune dyeing technology imported from Germany to make the base tune more even and balanced.Could be redyed.

4)Service life
Remy hair: 3-6 months( blonde colour 2-3 months, dark colour 3-6 months)
Virgin cuticle hair:1-3 years( blonde colour 1-2 years, dark colour 2-3 years)

5)Silicon oil
Remy hair: Surface with silicon very shiny only after few washes hair gets tangle
Virgin cuticle hair:No silicon oil added just natural and fresh hair smell and feeling