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Ethically sourced Yunan virgin hair from hengduan mountain

Is your hair ethically sourced? Qingdao Seabeauty was asked so many times by different customers.

You know nowadays the market of true virgin hair from single donor head is pretty transparent, the top quality material price is very expensive and almost increased all the time, seabeauty hair can only pay higher to choose the best of best hair.

Seabeauty main sourcing areas is in south west of China, such like Sichuan, Yunnan province, it's a main mountain areas where the environment is good for premium hair quality, and economy is slow so most young women and girls in local are leading a very simple life. They don't do fashion things on their own hair, so the hair is totally free from perms, bleaches, color treatment, it's considered to be the highest quality material for hair extensions.

And people who are going to sell their hair also understand clearly their hair is expensive and seabeauty sourcing team can only pay good price to get it. So young girls sell their hair for school, young women sell their hair for daily life, they can get well paid and selling hair becomes a very important part of their income. For sure it's ethically sourced, they are happy to sell and get well paid! Also you may know most of the large wholesales all around the world have been sourcing hair from China for decades, so they should know it is ethically sourced. And Seabeauty hair has confidence to compete with any company on the quality!