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How to judge your hair with cuticle or not

Often manufactures will collect cheaper hair with cuticles running in random directions; these mixed up cuticles will knot into each other and cauce massive tangles without processing, so for the hair to be usable they MUST remove 100% of the cuticles. Hair is de-cuticles using a long acid bath. After hair is now stripped, damaged and exposed, It is glossed over with silicone to make it look shiny & healthy; but this is only a temporary result. Only after few washings, the naked hair is revealed, with no cuticles the hair gets frizzy & tangle. Every wash will worsen this condition & very quickly the hair will need to be discarded. Cuticle removal enables manufacturers to rapidly color and use hair that is of poor quality, damaged or had been running opposite direction. If you’ve had hair in the past that became dead, dry, frizzy after few times washing it was Non–Cuticle hair also called Non-remy hair.