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0.1USD every day to use highest quality hair extensions!!!

Dear hairextension lovers, I’m not sure if you have bad experience with low quality hair or not, as a hair expert I heard lot of stories just after few times washing hair gets very dry or tangle, or end breaking down, streching as noodles.etc.
The hair price you may think it’s cheaper, while considering the short life and bad experience actually it could be very high price! What’s more it will hurt your health as such hair material originally is not hygeian or harsh chemical processed!
On the contrary Seabeautyintl factory hair at first sight you may think it’s little big higher price, but thiking about it’s only selected from 5%-18% most healthy single donor virgin hair, processed by unique technology,no acid bath or harsh chemical,gentle and slow treatment, hair could last 2-3 years with full cuticle! That means you only spend 0.1USD every day to use the highest quality virgin cuticle hair! So tell me dear, which one do you think is cheaper and wiser?  
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