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Virgin hair manufacturer tells you the difference between Vi

Virgin hair:
1)Cut directly from a single donor's head,
2)Totally free from perms, bleaches, and color treatments.
3) Virgin hair is considered to be the top quality standard in the hair material market.
4) Virgin hair price is much higher than Non-Remy.
5) Has healthy cuticle intact, no harsh chemical processing can last 1-3 years.
1) Dead hair/fallen hair, usually collected from trash.
2) In China, most of the non-Remy hair material is from India. Chinese non-Remy is considered to be of higher quality than Indian Non-Remy as it is easier to be made to blonde colors.
So 90% non-Remy hair material is from India as the cost is cheaper than Chinese non-Remy hair.
3) Non-Remy hair must be processed with a heavy acid bath to remove most of the cuticles,
as the material was all mixed together in the wrong cuticle direction.
4 ) After removing the cuticle, hair feels less weight/shinny/color not as pure as virgin hair,
and can't last as long as virgin hair.
5) After silicon is washed away, easy to get fat/frizzy and dry.