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Can I really get 100% full cuticle hair?

Nowadays virgin cuticle hair is used by many factories even most of them are just regular remy hair even non-remy hair. In order to get orders some factories claimed their hair is 100% full cuticle hair! The question is that can you really get 100% full cuticle hair?
As a hair factory specializing for cuticle hair in our experience bleaching processing means open the cuticle and remove the black pigment and hair structure will be changed somehow at the same time cuticle will be affected more or less regularly the ligher colour the less cuticle will be remained. In a world as long as hair is bleached, the cuticle will not be 100% full cuticle unless the natural colour never be bleached!
For Seabeautyintl hair factory we use gentle and slow cold bleaching technology which could protect the hair structure and cuticle to keep the best situation. From our test under Microscope, our dark colour hair cuticle could reach 90%-95%, medium colour 85%-90%, light colour 75%-85%!
Seabeautyintl luxury cuticle hair guarantee no acid bath or harsh chemical, hair could last 1-3 years with healthy cuticle intact!