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I’m wondering do you got any complaints from your customers that the hair extensions only after few weeks application get fade? Especially when they use curler or straightner to heat the hair, blonde colour is so easy to get yellow?
As a manufacturer we often get such feedbacks from new customers. When the hair gets fade, they know there is something wrong but they really don’t  know exactly how to explain. And their suppliers will never want them to know the truth!
In our experience when the hair get fade(especially when blonde colours get yellow) the first reason is that the bleaching has problem! The hair is processing so fast during bleaching part! You know why? Because their suppliers want to save time cost and increase the production! In a brief they want to make more money with less cost! As a result the hair quality is affected so bad!
Please imagine for blonde colour 60 Seabeautyintl factory regularly use 5-6 days to bleach the hair(gentle and slow treatment, green processing)while for some factories they only use 3 hours by adding more bleaching powder! For sure the quality is much much different by chemical result! Just after few weeks will bring big headache for customers and business owner!