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Why my hair extension damaged so bad?

There is always some new customers coming to us and ask why is the hair extensions from previous supplier turning into springy noodles after several times washing?

In Seabeautyintl factory experience the main reason is that the hair is over bleached during the most important part bleaching processing. As we know different hair material has different charactors, while most traditional technology factories don’t classify the hair material seriously. When they bleach the hair just mix different hair standards together to save time and labour cost, it’s very easy to get quality problems by this way. Becasue we can’t get the right colours by using wrong hair material! For example some hair material could only be bleached into colour 8 but some traditional factories use this kind of material to make blonde colour 60! In order to get such blonde colour hair has to be bleached again and again!Finally the hair gets so weak even get broken. This kind of hair during daily use just after few times washing will become springy noodles for sure!
While for Seabeautyintl factory we built strict standards to classify hair material grades. By this standard rule we decided to use which kind of hair to make dark colours, medium colours, blonde colours, extremely blonde colours.etc. So during bleaching processing the hair could be controled well and keep the most healthy condition and will never get to springy noodles!