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Hi guys, how are you.
Have you ever had a question why the hair extensions you bought usually has a color difference from root to tip? For natural color,normally the tip is little yellower or ligher than root, for dyed blonde color, the tip is usually darker than the root part.
You know why? Gilrs just look at your own hair carefully,for sure you can realize your own natural hair also has a color difference from root to tip.Thats because the root part is new grown hair, its more fresh and has more nutrition,color has more gloss, the tip part was borned longer time ago, and it was exposed under sunshine and wind, experienced more washing and drying, hair gets less nutrition and dry, the black pigment was slowly reduced,as a result hair color gets more lighter.

For the dyed hair extensions is made from natural human hair(originally the color of root and tip has difference), root part is easier to be bleached and color can get blonder color easier, while tip part is harder to be bleached so it usually gets darker. Some factories tried very hard to bleach the tip part to match the root color,fianlly the result is that the tip part will be over bleached and damaged,hair will easily break off.Has a color difference from root to tip means your hair extensions is more healthier and can last longer time!