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Still get the complaints about hair dry from your customers?
From our experience, there are mainly 2 reasons:
1)Raw material:
Hair material plays a very important part in the hair product quality. In current hair market it really lacks quality standards, most hair material are non-remy, machine-remy hair material, essentially those hair material are dead hair and  lack of nutrition. So just after few washes after the silicone is gone, the hair would be easy to get dry!
*Traditional acid bath, rough bleaching and dying process with high temperature would damage the hair structure badly.
*Heavy after-treatment to make hair smooth. But bad for health.
While for Seabeautyintl, www.seabeautyintl.com we use unique process different from other factories..
*Hair material only selected from most healthy ponytail(15%-20%)in the whole hair market.
*Green processing no acid bath
*Gentle and slow process during the bleaching and dyeing process( each time 1-2kgs)
Above all, from more than 100 times quality tests and 260 customers feedback, we guarantee with our hair there would be no dry problems!