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QING DAO SEABEAUTYINTL HAIR FACTORY has been worked in the hair industry for around 20 years, as a hair manufacturer with integrity, we know the hair material is very complicated in the hair industry. Everyone can say they are the best quality, they are virgin hair with cuticle, but the truth could be totally different! There are so many tricks for the hair material. Some factories called their hair 7A, 8A, 9A...(Does A really means anything?) Some factories called their hair Russian hair, Mongolian hair, Brazilian hair, Indian hair.etc( How to know what they said is truth or not?) Some factories called their hair the best quality virgin cuticle hair while the price is even lower than the material cost(how can they do that?) As far as we know many factories are not honest with the customers, they lied and play tricks to get more profit! And nowadays it becomes a common phenomenon many factories are mixing lower quality hair material inside, some may mix 30%, some mix 40% or 50%... That's why they can sell a price even lower than true top-quality hair material but they can still make a higher margin!!

Seabeauty hair factory has been experienced so many bad stories from different customers. Some lost big money, some lost confidence in the hair suppliers in China, and some even destroyed their business by the bad reputation supplier!! Just recently we had customers who bought from us before, while attracted by other companies with lower price and told them they are also the highest quality after they used their hair and compared with us, after they got complaints from customers for bad quality, they finally realized there was something wrong!! Then they come back to us again to make urgent orders to replace the faulty one from other suppliers!! It's not too late for smaller quantity orders while we do know for customers who spent thousands of thousands of dollars with big stock, it could be a disaster!! It's really so important to find a supplier who would like to be honest and let you know what kind of quality you paid for!!

Seabeauty, aiming at the best hair factory in China we consist to use 100% pure virgin hair with no mix, no tricks!! And we do believe only honesty and integrity can make a long-run business! Finally, customers will realize the quality difference! Seabeauty hair has enough confidence to compete with any hair factories on top quality and we don't need to tell lies or play games! If you want to do an easy business, welcome to us!! If you want to get consistent top-quality welcome to us!! If you want to do a long-run hair business, welcome to us!! Seabeauty hair would like to share more hair knowledge in this industry with you! And we will work hard to be China's best hair extensions wholesale factory!