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Let's talk about Cuticle?


What Is A Hair Cuticle?

Hairs are made up of 3 basic parts:
1)the cuticle (the protective layer )
2)the cortex (the thickest layer, and also where the majority of the pigment is concentrated)
3)the medulla (the very thin inner layer -  some hairs don't even have it.)

What does a healthy cuticle look like?
A healthy cuticle is a smooth, closed cuticle with scales that are fully intact. This kind of cuticle produces a lot of shine, since its scales are at the correct angle to reflect the largest amount of light. It doesn't tangle against other hair and feels smooth to the touch.

What does a damaged cuticle look like?
A damaged cuticle is rough and dull, with scales that are either raised or stripped away. This kind of cuticle leaves the vulnerable core of the hair fiber exposed. Hairs that have damaged cuticles are also very tangly, as scales that normally point downwards have been raised so that they cause friction.

What is Seabeautyhair factory full healthy cuticle intact technology?
Most hair factories in China have to use acid-bath to remove hair cuticle before bleaching and dyeing otherwise the hair will get mixed from root to tip. After removing the hair cuticle, even the hair is mixed from root to tip, it doesn't matter the hair can still be silky and no tangle as the cuticle is totally removed. As a result the hair is badly damaged, become very weak and fragile. Even with a silicone coat, it can only last few weeks then will get super dry and tangle. There is also a machine can make 90% of the hair in same direction, that kind of hair is called machine remy hair, basically it's just non-remy hair. While it still has a tangle risk as even the machine can't make sure every strand of hair is in same direction. 

For Seabeauty hair factory, only focus on the top quality full cuticle hair extensions. For the cull cuticle technoloy it is much more complicated and labour-cost than a easy acid bath. Firstly, it has ultra strict requirement for hair material, the hair must be 100% virgin hair braids cut directly from single donor head, 0 mixing! Secondly, it requires the hair processing during washing, hackling, bleaching, and dying.etc must always make sure the hair is in same direction. So Seabeauty full cuticle hair technology is a gentle and slow processing, and each time Seabeauty hair factory can only handle about 5kgs hair for careful treating. On the contrary, acid bath factory can make 50-100kg even more at one time! As a result Seabeauty hair extensions is much healthier and stronger, from the professional microscope research, Seabeauty hair dark colors can keep about 95% cuticle, medium colors can keep about 90% cuticle, blonde colors can keep about 85% cuticle! That's why Seabeauty hair guarantees our hair can last 1-3 years!