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Hair Extensions Factory Since 2001

Qingdao Seabeautyhair has been proudly manufacturing in the hair industry since 2001. In these early days, there were far fewer hair companies in this field.
We started with only 2 employees that came to us from a well-established Korean factory specializing in bleaching and coloring processes. We quickly progressed and soon our first factory had 11 employees. We built a good, strong reputation for quality hair gaining us great business from established stockists and retailers who demanded reputable suppliers.

We were well aware that many less honest traders were making claims that they were selling Indian Temple/Malaysian/Brazillian/Mongolian and Russian/Slavic hair from their companies when in fact these claims were untrue and in fact, a lesser quality Indian and even Chinese, non-Remy hair was being substituted. Our strict quality control ensures all hair we process is genuine.

These disreputable companies would mix synthetic hair or non-Remy hair in with top-quality virgin hair and undercut our prices but our reputation has consistently won us repeat business so we were able to build on this trust and gain long-term clients!

Quality is key to us enabling us to build a reputation worldwide we feel proud of. We feel a great responsibility to all of our customers and take pride in our standards of excellence.

On June 20th, 2017 we built a brand new Head Office in Qingdao City allowing us to achieve global recognition. We also rebranded Seabeautyhair. Our office does not only export the hair product to our clients directly but also takes the responsibility for quality control double-checks. All the hair bulk before the final manufacturing must be sent to our office for final confirmation. Our office inspection team will do a full inspection, not a random inspection, which means we will check each hair bundle from color, length, weight, ratio, and washing test. etc, if any point can not reach our standard the bulk must be returned to our factory for fixing again. Only after our final approval of the color, length, weight, ratio, washing test, etc, the hair bulk can be processed into the final products. After the double inspection, we can guarantee the order is controlled as consistently as possible!


What makes us special?
1, Less is more
When more hair companies are pursuing the growing number of sales, clients quantity.
Seabeauty hair prefers to focus more on our current customers, by increasing hair quality and service from more details. Indeed a factory has a limited production capability, a team has limited time and energy, and we prefer quality than quantity, and working hard on providing more value, and improving the better experience for our current customers.
2, Full quality control system
Based on the first quality inspection by our factory, Seabeaty hair office will have a double-check for every bundle of hair before manufacturing. It’s different than a random inspection, but in a 100% full inspection, every single bundle of hair will be inspected by our office inspection team from color, length, weight, ratio, and washing test. etc. If any point can’t reach the standard, the hair bulk must be returned to our factory for fixing. Only with our final confirmation, the hair can be processed to the next step. We have more inspectors than salespeople in our team to make the hair quality under control. From our factory inspection to our office inspection, we can control the quality as consistently as possible.
3, Honesty makes long-run business
We never make lies like” Russian hair” “ European hair” “Brazilian hair”, “10A hair”.etc
There are so many hair factories playing such games and making chaos in the hair industry. We only focus on one quality-the highest quality virgin cuticle hair from single donors’ heads, we have no other lines such as Remy hair, machine-Remy hair, or non-Remy hair. etc. We will always give the consistent quality standard as you confirmed, and we will be honest with you about what you are paying for! Frauds may make money in a short time, but finally will lose the customers, our philosophy is that honesty makes a long-run business and deep relationship!
4, Stand behind the quality
We stand behind our quality and have a warranty policy. We guarantee to make free replacement or refund for the faulty product caused by the production side within 6 months.
For the issues caused by clients' daily use, we also provide free maintenance and fixing service.
How do we make the highest-standard hair extensions?

 *Best Of Best Raw Material 

Seabeauty hair factory sourcing staff, are experts of hair raw material purchasing with 20 years experience. All our hair material is selected from undeveloped remote mountainous areas of China, mostly in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi province etc. Young women and girls can get well paid for school and life. We guarantee the hair material is ethically sourced!
Seabeauty hair factory choose only 8%-10% top grade most healthy hair material from the market. All the hair  must be 100% pure braid of young girls without any dying or bleaching history, which is considered the best of best hair quality. After hair washing and cleaning, the QC & QA team will inspect the raw material and classify them into 6 grades to make sure a perfect match for different color processing! 


 *Harsh chemical free Bleaching&Dying 

Green-processing bleaching and dying consistence
1)Technicians with more than 20 years experience
2)Gengle and slow bleaching processing, each time only 2-3kgs
3)Quality test before and after bleaching/dying processing


 *Full healthy cuticle-intact technology

1)The hair is soaked for 12 hours in nutrition liquid before bleaching to form a protective film which protects the hair from damage during bleaching.
2)Melanin-removing gentle and slow, usually takes 3-7days with cold bleaching&dyeing processing.
3)Any acid bath is forbidden to use, silicone-free
4)Before and after bleaching and dyeing all the hair is kept same direction from root to tip

 *Top-quality standard workmanship

1)Skilled workers with 5 years experience at least for the hair extensions manufacturing
2)Highest-quality accessories such as Italy keratin, Medical strong tape, Korean glue/clips/string
3)HIgh-level requirements and strict quality inspection, if the product is imperfect has to be remade again. 

 *Careful hair packing

1)Seabeauty hair packing processing is done in a clean and tidy workshop
2)Seabeauty hair packing workers are well trained to check every single detail in the last step
3)Seabeauty hair packing processing is not allowed to be public in order to protect customer information

 *Quality consistence
Raw Material Consistency

1)Seabeauty hair material only selected by our own professional sourcing team, no middle man
2)Seabeauty hair factory has stable material supply chains, and always have 200-300kgs hair material in stock
3)Seabeauty hair factory would pay higher price to select the best material firstly to guarantee the top quality hair standard
4)Seabeauty hair material would be inspected 3 times again and divided to 9 grades

Hair Ratio Consistency
1)Seabeauty hair will remove shorter hair below 8.5"-12"
2)Seabeauty hair factory hackles hair material to double drawn firstly
3)Seabeauty hair factory use exact data to make hair ratio
4)1"-2" bottom hair will be cut to make fuller thickness end
Color Consistency
1)Color confirmation meeting before production with staff from bleaching/dying/QC/Packaging
2)Color match inspection after bleaching processing by QC and bleaching staff
3)Color math inspection after dying processing by QC and dying staff
4)Finshed product color match inspection by QC and dying staff
5)Color match inspection by Packaging staff 
6) We will leave the hair sample from each batch as a standard of next order to guarantee every batch color consistence