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The philosophy of a company shows the company culture. Most times it means how far they can go and how long you could work them. If you don’t want to cooperate for only one time, it’s better to pay more attention to the company culture part.
Seabeauty culture is simple but we decided to work hard for it as long as we are here!

1. Honesty
Except the customers private information, Seabeauty would like to be open to you for every aspect. Especially for the products part. Seabeauty would like to help and teach you the basic knowledge and share with you how to check the quality difference. Seabeauty promises that we will never change or mix lower quality if you order higher quality. From this point Seabeauty guarantee 100% honest to you! 

2. High quality
Seabeauty regards the high quality as our reputation and we cherish it very much! So Seabeauty made very strict quality standard for QC. Once there is quality problem caused by us, we will refund without any arguments! We have a customer from Canada made an order for tape hair extension. But she realized the color 60# were made very bad ratio. After our confirmation it’s indeed caused by the production process so we made new one and sent to her for free! It did take a lot of money but we care our customers and reputation more! Till now this customer has been happy working with us. We must be responsible for our quality to every customer!

3. Customer first
Seabeauty pays more attention to satisfy our customers need. If you don’t know exactly what you need, we would also like to share our marketing information with you and support you to try step by step! We are trying to build a partner relationship with you for a long run! We could also provide package design and purchasing service for you. We respect win-win cooperation and prefer to let our customers win firstly! Then we win together! 
You just need to pay for a reasonable price after you will not worry for anything, the production, quality, delivery.etc. Seabeauty will handle everything for you and be your strong backup!