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Flat-Weft Hair Extensions FAQ's

1.Is the Flat-weft hair extensions coated with silicone?
Definitely not. Seabeauty hair extensions factory never use silicone coat. Seabeauty hair material is 100% ethically sourced top quality natural virgin hair-never been processed by bealching or dying or perm. And our unique hair processing is called full cuticle green processing, with no acid bath or harsh chemical. The hair will be keep the most healthy cuticle intact, can last 1-3 years with proper care! As far as we know the non-remy hair will be coated with silicone to look shiny and feel silky, Seabeauty virgin cuticle hair extensions is the highest-quality standard in the hair market! 

2.Why prices for hand-tied-weft hair extensions differ so much among different hair suppliers?
It’s the raw hair material quality & hair length & hair ratio that decide the prices of hair extensions. Now the hair material market is very transparent, please understand you get what you pay for. For Seabeauty hair factory, we only manufacture the highest-quality Virgin Cuticle Hair Extensions with full healthy cuticle intact. And Seabeauty hair is premum thicker and fuller end, not single drawn hair(single drawn hair cost is much lower) Seabeauty hair is not sure if we are the cheapest price, 
but Seabeauty hair can always guarantee the consistent top-quality! 

3.Can I get Mongolian/Russian flat-weft hair extensions?
Fucking the lies of Mongolian hair, Russian hair.etc!  if a Chinese hair supplier tell you their hair is Mongolian hair, Russian hair, mostly means they are making lies! 
From a hair factory perspective, you really can't get the true Mongolian hair or Russian hair in China but just a "name" ! Just google how many population in Mongolia, and Russian girls is famous for loving beauty, how can you expect them to sell their long hair? Even there is few Russian hair in the market but price would be very very expensive, and can't be helpful for the hair business as quantity is too small. Let me tell a truth we do have Russian customers who buy hair from us and sell in Russia as Russian hair! Seabeauty hair is a honest hair company, we will tell you what you are paying for! 

4.My Flat-weft will be easy to shed?
For some factories it could happen because of the poor PU craftsmanship, or too thick density, or low quality string/glue.etc. Seabeauty hair factory Flat-weft hair extensions are made by skillful workers with 5-10 years experience to make sure each weft is strong enough! Each weft is madeb by a scientific density calculated by our years-experience, and tested to have no shedding problem!

5.Can I cut/DIY my hand-tied-weft hair extensions?
Yes! You can cut the Seabeauty flat weft by any width you with no shedding problem! 

6.Can I have my private logo on packaging?
Yes! Seabeauty hair factory offers OEM service with professional design team, and we have reliable pring factory partners who can provide all kinds of packages.
You just need to send your logo, and packing  styles you want we will send you a package design for your confirmation then you will have your own packages! 

7.Do you have MOQ for my order?
For sample order Seabeauty hair factory has no MOQ. After sample, the offical order we have MOQ 500g per color and per length.
As mentioned Seabeauty is a direct hair factory for wholesale orders with a direct factory price. You can check 
Why there is a MOQ in hair industry? to know more details. 
8.How long time can I get my Flat-weft hair extensions?
Seabeauty hair factory wholesaler is a true hair factory so we need to arrange production from raw hair material. Not like some trading companies who have stock for retail. 
For sample order, Seabeauty hair factory production time is within 15 days. For officla order, Seabeauty factory leading time is about 30 working days.