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Why tape is so important for tape-in hair extensions

As we knonw tape hair extensions is a very popular product in current market.
Recently we got feedback from some new customers they have big problem with their suppliers tape. Only after few times washing the tape falls off from head! Tape is not strong at all! Obviously the tape quality is bad!
In our experience many factories use very cheap tape(mostly made in China)in order to cut the cost.They forgot for end customers this will cause big trouble and break brand reputation,lose sales!
Even some factories want to use good quality tape but they don’t have a reliable channel to buy, as far as we know, many factories bought fake tapes( with higher price but quality is still bad!
For Seabeautyintl we have stable channel to get medical standard high end quality strong tape for our clients which could be used for 3months according to our test and customers feedback! And no residue when remove! We guarantee you will never worry about the tape problem with Seabeautyintl tape hair!