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Genius weft hair factory tells demerit of Genius wefts

The genius weft now becomes super hot!  While it might not be the best choice for everyone.
As an honest and professional supplier, we believe to tell clients transparently about the advantages and disadvantages of a product,
NOT JUST FOR SALE. Then clients can make the final decision accordingly.
Since everybody knows the advantages of genius weft, I want to talk about its disadvantages-The lifespan is shorter.
As you can see, it depends on a 1-1.5mm height glue only! (and 2 strings) The structure is very delicate, as time goes on,
washed again and again, it could have a potential shedding risk.
If you expect your hair extensions to last 9 months or longer, the genius weft is not supposed to be a good option.
Try to consider the hand-tied weft! Seabeauty unique hand-tied weft can guarantee no unraveling in 12 months even with low maintenance!