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How to make ultra blonde hair with cuticle intact!

As we know the blonde color like 60#,613#,1001# are very popular in current hair market.
Without such popular colors with good quality,I suppose you would lose a lot of customers.
In our experience for such blonde colors are very easy to get hurt during processing as it needs longer bleaching(the most important part during hair processing) if we need to control tha blonde hair quality well must be careful from 2 main points as below:

1)Hair material:
The most fresh and healthy virgin cuticle hair material only selected from  8%-10% in the whole hair market. It’s single dornor hair cut directly from young girls ponytail which could guarantee the hair cuticle direction is in same way and enssure the hair material has good nutrition.

The bleaching process should be controled gentle and slow.And each time only 2-3kgs so the hair could be taken good care of, not like most factries just throw the hair into a big palstic basin which cant control the hair bunles inside well. Not like most facrories with harsh chemical just complete the blonde beaching within few hours for us regulally takes 3-4days for bleaching. So the hair structure could protected very well and hair is not easy to get dry during using.

From both material and technology, we could guarantee our hair is 100% acid bath free, no harsh chemical, totally green process. Hair could last 1-3 years with healthy cuticle intact even for blonde colours!