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Why Hair Loss Occurs

There is an enzyme in the body called 5-alhpa reductase, which creates DHT (dihydrotestosterone- which we will call the “bad testosterone”)- that’s why hair loss is more apparent in men because they have a higher testosterone level. Small deposits of DHT over time accumulate around the hair follicle thus impeding the blood circulation or nutritional flow.

We all shed hair periodically and when a person sheds hair, the thick healthy hair (what we call a terminal hair) is lost and normally another would grow in its place. However, with the DHT buildup there is not sufficient nutrition to grow another terminal hair and what grows in its place is a valice hair- a thinner, more insignificant hair. And over time as more DHT builds up, eventually when this valice hair sheds, there is not sufficient nutrition to regrow and you have the beginnings of male and female pattern baldness.

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