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Hard Water And Hair Extension

Hard Water and Hair
Water…who would have thought it could be so complicated?  When it comes to general haircare nothing is as simple as it seems, and water is no exception.  Whether you are washing your natural hair, or if you wear human hair extensions, understanding how hard water can damage your hair is key to keeping your hair soft, shiny and healthy.
What Is Hard Water?
Hard water is the name given to water which has a high mineral content .  Rainwater is beautifully pure and soft when it falls, however as it seeps into the soil and rocks before working its way into our water system, it dissolves lots of minerals, most notably calcium and magnesium.
It is believed that more than 85% of the water used by consumers in the US is classified at some level of “hard” water, and the majority of the UK is the same.  In fact, across the globe hard water is a huge issue for anyone looking to adopt a pure haircare routine, and for hair extensions wearers hard water can go from being an inconvenience to a nightmare.
Can Hard Water Damage Your Hair?
Yes Yes Yes…hard water can be very damaging to hair, as is causes hair to become dry, weak and brittle by stripping away your natural oils.  Hard water hair is far more common than you may think, with many suffering from symptoms of hard without even realising it to be the case, such as dry hair from hard water.
Signs Of Hard Water On Hair
If you are asking yourself what does hard water do to your hair, just ask yourself these simple questions…
Is your hair dry?
Is your hair easily tangled?
Is your hair weak at the ends?
Does your hair sometimes feel “sticky” even after you have washed it?
Does your colour fade very quickly?
These are just a few of the hard water effects on hair, with some suffering from even more extreme reactions to hard water, most commonly hair extension wearers.

How Does Hard Water Affect Hair Extensions
Natural hair and hair extension will both be effected in the same way by hard water as it strips away natural oils and leaves minerals sitting on the hair, however as hair extensions are not attached at the scalp they can often react a lot more quickly to hard water than natural hair.  They can also suffer from extreme discolouration, even causing the hair extensions to change colour altogether, most commonly blonde hair extensions turn orange!  Learn more about hair extensions turning orange here.

How To Fix Hard Water Hair
Does hard water damage hair yes…can hard water damage be restored…YES!  Hard water treatment for hair and hair extensions is available, you just need to know what it is that you are looking for!
So how do you deal with hard water hair?  You could of course opt to install a water softening system in your home which will eliminate hard water altogether, however this can be extremely pricey, therefore a treatment for hard water hair is a much more affordable solution.

Hard Water Hair Products
Hard water hair products are designed to improve the symptoms that hard water causes, such as dry, weak and tangled hair.  Shampoo for hard water can sometimes help, however an effective conditioner will help to restore hair that is suffering the effects of hard water, and opting for an all natural treatment will help to give back the natural moisture your hair has lost through exposure to hard water.
How To Maintain Hair In Hard Water
If you live in an area that has hard water, hard water hair care is very important and you will need to add a conditioning treatment to your daily routine to keep the symptoms of hard water under control.  The minerals within the hard water stripe your hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry, tangled and brittle, therefore using a natural oil based conditioning treatment can help to maintain your hair when exposed to regular hard water.
Hairapeutix Pre Shampoo treatment is designed for use on hair that is dry and is therefore a perfect hair product for hard water.  Simply apply 1 sachet to dry hair, and leave to soak overnight.  The treatment will work its way into the hair, absorbing into the hair follicle where shampoo and conditioners can’t reach.  Wash out in the morning with your usual shampoo and conditioner, and your hair will be much more able to fight against the drying effects of hard water, as well as looking and feeling healthy.  Our treatment also smells incredible as an added bonus and is all natural and organic, so no hidden chemical nasties!  It’s the perfect detox for your tired hair.
Suitable for all hair types, including hair extensions.

Reprinted from hairextensionsbff