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What is top quality hair extensions standard

A lot of customers will ask for top quality hair extensions but what is the real top quality hair extensions standard?
As you may know current Chinese hair market is lack of clear hair standard, every facrory can say they are best quality, top quality, they can sell non remy hair as remy hair even call machine remy hair as virgin cuticle hair. As a real luxury virgin cuticle hair supplier Seabeautyintl definitely have our standard to show you what is the top quality!
1,Hair material
*Selected from 5%-8% most healthy young girls virgin ponytail
*Single donor hair nerver dyed or permed or chemical processed
*Any colur is available even including extremenly blonde colours
*Strict hair material grades syestem
*Green processing no acid bath or harsh chemical
*Gentle and slow treatment for bleaching and dyeing
*Unique colour syestem for amazing pure colours
*Full cuticle intact last 1-3 years
3, Focus on highe end details
*Skilled technicians with more than 10 years experience
*Medical standard tape quality
*Italy imported Keratin
*24hours after sales service